- Dr. Vincent Mumford

The Good Prize Medal Dr Vince Mumford - Vincent Mumford | Energyman

The Mumford Prize for Good

The Mumford Prize for Good (known as “The GOOD PRIZE”) honors everyday individuals, who do good things in service of others and whose deeds of good serve to inspire others and uplift communities.

Dr. Vincent Mumford established The GOOD PRIZE in the spring of 2020, to accelerate his vision of inspiring one million acts of good.

A gold medal and unrestricted cash prize of $1,000 will be presented annually to the “Goodest Person in the World!”

Power The Prize

Donations are fully tax-deductible and 100 percent of your contribution will go towards increasing the size of the prize. Your contribution is more than charity; it’s an investment in creating a better world. Donate online today to transform your dollars into innovation and community impact, or contact us to explore other ways to partner.

- Vincent Mumford | Energyman

Partner For Good

Partnership packages are highly customizable and can include: the opportunity to host an awards ceremony; sponsoring a prize, brand recognition; and more.
Want to get involved? Contact us , if you are interested in becoming a partner, learning more about partnership opportunities, or exploring other ways to partner.

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