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A New Kind of Hero for a New Kind of Problem.

During the day he is a mild-mannered employee at the Vince Mumford Company. At night, he fights for the rights of citizens as his heroic alter ego, Energyman. When a citizen is demotivated, he’ll be there. When the Reaction Gang threatens your success or the success of your company, he’ll be there. When you are looking for results and not excuses, he’ll be there.

While Energyman’s true identity remains a secret, he can be contacted through either the Energy Phone or the Energy Signal located in his Power Belt. In no time at all, he’ll be behind the wheel of the Energymobile or at the controls of the Energyplane, racing to the scene of the crime.

If you have questions, Energyman has answers. If you are so inspired, send a question relating to peak performance to him, and he’ll send an answer back to you. If you are interested in being a part of our mailing list, please enter your name and email address in the Ask Energyman form below and then click the ‘Send’ button.

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