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Invest!: How Great Leaders Accelerate Success And Improve Results (Paperback)

by Dr. Vince Mumford

INVEST! is a captivating parable about what great leaders must do to solve today’s most pressing challenges. It offers wisdom that is easy to understand in a fun and engaging format―wisdom that can be applied to any group, business, or organization.

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Solutions for You

If you want to close the gap between where you are and where you would like to be, then Personal Coaching can help.

Solutions for Your Business

Inspire your team to grow your business, and acquire the practical tools to act on that inspiration to propel your business to the next level.

To perform at your peak, you need a coach to help guide and challenge you. To help you dream. To help you plan. To help you go. To help you win. To help you recharge. Contact Dr. Mumford to define a path to improvement for you or your organization.

    Meet Dr. Mumford

    Dr. Vincent Mumford is widely known for his expertise in leadership and strategic change — for individuals as well as for organizations. He has extensive experience in strategic business planning and performance management. His specialty is helping individuals and organizations turn challenges into opportunities. His philosophy is simple: People are the power that fuel organizations. For individuals or organizations to be productive and to truly excel, they must be energized. Dr. Mumford’s job is to provide a framework in which they can draw on their own inner power and resources to find creative solutions.

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